Sunday, April 1, 2007

Update on Trudi's condition

I have very bad news concerning Trudi’s condition but I want to let you all know what is going on as factually as possible.

Last Friday evening (3/23) Trudi’s abdominal pain worsened to the point where we could no longer control it with the meds we had at home. I brought her to the ER and she was readmitted to the hospital.

CT scans of her abdomen show that the cancer has spread drastically in the last month. It has now become much larger in both adrenal glands and the lymph node involvement has increased by at least 50%. There are new tumors in her liver, spleen, right abdominal wall, the space around her right kidney, the left omentum, and the gastric mesentery. There has also been direct tumor growth into her inferior vena cava.

The doctors have ruled out any additional chemo as being useful. This is hard for me to even write, but the medical prognosis is that Trudi has only a matter of days. She is currently on very strong pain and anti-anxiety medications. We are doing our best to make sure that she is comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

Trudi has her family and friends around her and I know that she can feel the love of her cyber friends as well. For those of you who pray, now would be a good time to ask for a miracle. For those of you that don’t pray, all your good thoughts are appreciated. I will do my best to post updates when I can, but obviously being here for Trudi comes as my first priority.

Bruce (Trudi's husband)


Morning Glory said...

I've been following Trudi's story and updates for many weeks now, and I'm truly sorry for this turn of events. I don't know Trudi but her courage has been inspiring and I've been happy to pray for her.

My prayer is that you all will go through these next days and weeks with peace in your hearts and a faith that reminds you that God loves and cares about the pain you all feel.

Blessings and prayers from one of her cyberfriends.

Jess said...


I've felt so completely helpless since all this began happening to you. Unlike you, the perfect comforting words do not always come to me. I just need you to know how deeply you have touched my life and heart. You have given so much to so many people literally the world over. I want to make this go away and you to be healthy again. I really cannot comprehend all of this. You are beautiful and if I could fight this beast out of your body, I would. I would fight it over and over and over and do CHOP a hundred million times again if it would help you. I would even do it with Vincristine for you. I would take mega-doses of it and all the jaw pain it caused me if it would take away 1% of the pain you have been in. I'm just in tears, grateful for the update because otherwise I just worry and wonder. But just overwhelmed and I feel so far away from you!

Krista said...


You are an amazing woman and I am blessed by the words of wisdom you've brought into my life. I know the Lord is with you and the family and I pray He will bring comfort upon you all at this moment. You are forever in His loving arms.

Kim Guymon said...


The thoughts and prayers of all your ScrapBiz friends are with you at this time.

Peace be with you and may the Lord comfort you and enfold you in His arms.

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