Saturday, April 7, 2007

April 7 Update on Trudi's condition

As of Saturday morning (4/7/07) there has been no major change in Trudi’s condition. She has been getting weaker day by day. She is sleeping most of the time now, but at least we have been fairly successful in controlling the awful pain she had been in.

She has family with her 24 / 7 at the hospital. We are thankful for the nurses on the oncology floor. They are a dedicated, special group who go way above and beyond the call of duty to make all of their patients (and families) feel comfortable and at home. It is obvious that this is more than a job to them. They genuinely care!

We also want to thank our real life friends and extended family for all the help and support, as well as all the prayers. We are humbled by everything that you have been doing to help us!

And thank you to Trudi’s cyber-family as well. I know that she thinks of all of you as friends. I rarely post, since Trudi has always been the writer, but I read the messages on the Stop NHL message board, the Memory Book Inspirations forums, and Trudi’s lung cancer blog every chance that I get. It brings tears to my eyes to read all your messages and to see how many people’s lives Trudi has touched all over the world. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

I hope you all have a happy Easter. Please keep praying and/or sending your good thoughts. I am still praying for a miracle for Trudi. It is never too late for God!


Jess said...

Bruce, thank you for taking time away to give everyone an update. I am relieved to hear the pain is largely controlled. You are both constantly in my thoughts and heart. Though we have never met, you have been an inspiration to me in my darkest times. I am grateful that you & Trudi have each other. Please give her a hug from me. A Gig Hug. She knows what that means. Much love, Jess

Jody said...

I too am hoping and praying for a miracle.......Again if there is any thing I can do don't hesitate.
Love and hugs to you all

Morning Glory said...

I pray you'll have a blessed Easter filled with peace and comfort from God. I'm glad to hear that Trudi is more comfortable without so much pain. Thank you so much for keeping us informed of her condition.

Frank&Diane said...

Bruce and Trudi and girls,
Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are there with you. Bruce, you are a pillar of strength and love.
We Love Very and will be there at the drop of a hat.
Frank and Diane, Mike, Eric Kayla, Stephanie, Alex, Bobby Macadoodle and Carter.

Anita said...

Dear Bruce, Thank you for your update. We are still praying for an Easter Miracle. Arline sends her love and prayers for both of you.

All our love goes out to all of you and know that we are all still praying. Anita and Chuck

happyheart said...

May God surround you all with his love and peace.My heart goes out to you all at this trying time of your lives. God Bless,Michele

Anonymous said...

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John said...

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CassieBrownings said...

Me and my cancer treatment center is hoping that she gets well. I am praying for her fast recovery. Take care and get well soon.